We’re all about Jesus.

The only way to get to know Jesus is to understand what the Bible says about him, which includes what Jesus said about himself.




Know Jesus and Make Jesus Known

We not only want Ben Davis Christian Church to be famous for being all about Jesus – we want Jesus to be famous throughout our city.


The movement that brought us here.

It was in the brisk autumn of 1923 that two carpenters – George Stiles and G.A. Kirk of Englewood – had the vision to plant a neighborhood church in Ben Davis – a growing suburb of Indianapolis at the time. Bolstering fifteen committed charter members, that meager congregation gathered in nearby homes and, a little while later, in the auditorium of the old Ben Davis High School. It was here that Ben Davis Christian Church was born.


Where we see ourselves going.

The same vision that planted a neighborhood church in Ben Davis is growing. Our vision is a neighboring movement – reaching the unreached and never reached of our city, one neighbor at a time. We do this in Missional Living, Missional Community, and by partnering with Kingdom Workers throughout our city – finding God where He is already at work and joining Him there.


We’re a gospel-centered community on mission.

Ben Davis Christian Church is a Christian Church and a part of the missional church movement.



Jesus has done everything necessary to restore all people and all creation to a right relationship with God. This is the good news or the gospel. Our foundation is the gospel, not religion. It is through the gospel that we are restored to a right relationship with God and find our identity. We believe that the gospel is central to every aspect of our lives and this church. As we allow the gospel to inform us and transform our lives, we find life.



God created human beings to be in community himself and with one another. Sin damaged that relationship but through Jesus Christ, God is restoring people to himself. Sharing life as a community gives all people both opportunity to hear and experience Jesus Christ, helping people to grow in Christlikeness throughout the week. We believe this restoration process occurs in community as we disciple one another to become more like Christ, and live life as family and live intentionally as Jesus did for the good of the city.

On Mission

On Mission

The mission of God is to restore all people to Himself in and through the work and person of Jesus Christ. He has chosen us as His church to accomplish that mission. Our hope is that the people of Indianapolis will experience the church, not as a building or religion, but as a community of believers that love and serve them right where they are.



We believe that God has a locational and vocational purpose for His church. Therefore, we value multiplication – not duplication – of efforts. Our vision is to be a local church that supports and lifts up others. We see ourselves partnering with other local churches to reach the unreached and never-reached of our city, while maintaining our own distinctiveness.