As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.

– John 20:21

Jesus said, “As the Father sent me I am sending you.” Jesus Himself came to seek and save the lost, and He has commissioned us to do the same. That’s why we aspire to be a church that reaches the unreached and never-reached. We intentionally, persistently and creatively reach out to our neighbors in Missional Community and by partnering with other gospel workers worldwide.


Through our strategic partnerships, Ben Davis Christian Church hosts short-term mission trips and service projects for individuals, families and Missional Communities. While we believe the mission field is all around us, short-term mission trips and service projects challenge us to live on mission abroad and in our own front yards.



Global and Local Partners


We support a diverse group of international workers and community projects. You can get involved and communicate directly with these international workers and learn what God is doing and how to pray for those around the world. Another practical way to learn and serve is to join one of our mission trip opportunities. The insight and transformation you’ll experience goes beyond words.

Christianville Foundation
Repairing the broken systems in Haiti since 1978. The Christianville Foundation is a gospel-centered network of 9 churches and schools with more than 1,400 students. Christianville also operates a farm—feeding and supplying water to thousands of Haitians—and medical clinics (including dental and eye). Christianville’s vision is to change lives… mind, body, and soul.

Mission Aviation Fellowship
Mission Aviation Fellowship gives the Gospel wings, utilizing aviation to reach the most remote parts of the planet earth.

Jason and Joselyn Thiemann (South Africa)

SportQuest Missions
SportQuest Missions takes the explosive combination of sports and mission to the world. SportQuest equips athletes and coaches to be missionaries and host sports camps across the world.

Kevin and Jenni Verstraeten (Belgium)

Hearts for Central Africa
A new missions agency doing its work in the heart of Africa through Bible translation.

Brad and Tammie Harvey (Central Africa)


Some of our community projects can be enjoyed by a whole family or Missional Community. It’s a great opportunity to come together and serve as a team. These projects bring awareness to the existing needs of Indianapolis.

Impact Christian Fellowship (IUPUI)
A campus ministry for students enrolled at IUPUI.

Andrew Hodges, Indianapolis, Indiana

Delight Ministries (UIndy)
A campus ministry at University of Indianapolis for young women.

Alex Drummund, Indianapolis, Indiana